Thursday, June 2, 2011

I'm Holding My Breath

That I'm going to be able to post this. .I've been trying to do so, but Blogger hasn't been co-operating. Please cross your fingers for me. It is hard to type when I do. . . 

I have a cauldron. .a quite large cauldron that has been in my family for who knows how many generations. .I'm the third one that I know of, and sadly, the two previous generations chose to ignore the heritage of my Great-Great Grandmother, and used it to plant petunias in it instead. 

Leaving it out over winters didn't help it either, and now, Harry Potter has nothing over on me. .I've got a Leaky Cauldron, too. .only mine doesn't serve up Butter Beer.  However, it does make a neat receptacle for holding names for my drawing!

There were 14 names, all neatly typed out and then folded in half.

If you notice, at the last minute, I had to hastily put a just emptied flower pot inside the cauldron. .seems the name drawer has an aversion to a little rust and spider webs!  Good thing Hubs didn't mind a little potting soil!

He reached in and stirred the names around. . 

And drew one out, (almost too quickly for me to get the shot!)

And the winner is. . .(this is always the hard part for me, because I'd love to have prizes for everyone!) 

Judith!!  Congratulations!!  Please send me your mailing address, either by trying to leave a comment here (and I won't post it), or by sending it to my e-mail address.  I'll try and contact you, too.  We won't let Blogger stop us, any longer!

A HUGE thank you to everyone who entered! This has been fun for me, and I think that I'll come up with something else to offer, very soon, just for the fun of it!

Wishing everyone a beautiful evening!!


  1. That is very, very cool! Jealous! :)

    Congrats to the winner!!


  2. Aww...Well, I wish I'd won your awesome prize, but at least I know my name was in that cool cauldron! :) What a neat thing to have!

  3. Congratulations to the lucky winner! You have an awesome cauldron there Suzie! Wishing you an awesome weekend!


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