Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My Birthday Came Early This Year!

Before I begin my little tale, I want to congratulate David Everett for his Chicken Lips article in the current issue of Art Dolls magazine! Wonderful three pages! Well done, David!! (sorry for the glare. .shiny paper, etc.)

And about now, you may be asking why I'm mentioning this on my Halloween blog. .well, please be patient, I'm getting there. . . . .

Every year, I give myself a Birthday gift of a piece of Halloween art. .sometimes I even think that I've been extra deserving of more than one, but this usually happens during the exciting Fall months, during the month that actually includes my birthdate. .HOWEVER, last year, a piece caught my eye, that I fell instantly in love with, but circumstances kept me from purchasing her.  I followed her in photos from show to show, with a heavy heart, knowing that someone was going to snatch her up, and I'd give a sigh of relief, after the show, to see that she was still listed for sale on etsy.

In April, I received a little surprise windfall, and decided not to press my luck any longer. Within a few days, a nice box arrived, with this label on it.

After doing a Happy Dance, I proceeded to open it, and was met with a sea of peanuts, and a bright red envelope. .

With this card inside. .

After six hours of digging through the peanuts (ok. .I exaggerate, but it seemed like forever, when I was SO anxious, but being careful, so as to not hurt her), I arrived at some tissue paper wrapping. . 

Surrounding a well wrapped bubble wrap cocoon (I  had carefully opened it in the photo). .she was SO well wrapped, and prepared for the shipping trauma!

After huge hugs of greetings, I took  her on a tour of the house, and showed her, her new home, safe inside my glass fronted cabinet, where she is safe from kitty paws, and promised to provide her with lots of clover!  She wanted to see it right away, so I took her outside. .(she was hungry from her long trip!) I told her that I will cut it and bring it in for her, but she wanted me to take her photo, knee deep in the stuff.  She is SO adorable, how could I say no?

May I present, Ewenice, my very own Chicken Lips, Halloween Sheep! Now she is mine, all mine! I truly think that it was meant to be!  Thanks so much for creating her David! She is SO filled with happiness, she makes me grin, every time I look at her, so I'm keeping her out, to enjoy all year long!

May you all find a piece of art that makes your heart smile!


  1. Congrats on getting your Halloween sheep. She is very distinctive. Quite the conversation piece. An early Happy Birthday.

  2. I love that you are so passionate about collecting. You have one of my pieces and I couldn't be prouder to have you own it. :)


  3. I'm so happy you got that little sheep!
    I adore his work! You so deserve something nice and special!
    Happy Birthday! EARLY! XOXOXO - Cindi

  4. Oh my gosh i love this blog,, talk about eye candy,, who hoo!Love it,, thats the cutest sheep!


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