Saturday, May 28, 2011

Do I Need To Send My Monkeys?

Blogger, get your act together!  The first part of the week, I couldn't log on, and part of the design page was showing up in the header, and then I started seeing messages from others on Facebook, saying that they couldn't leave comments.

Earlier, I had no problems, but just now happened to see on a blog that I follow, that she wasn't able to leave a comment for my Give-away!  She mentioned my Cat In The Moon Blog, where I had left a link, leading here, and tried posting a new post there, and can't!

I tried leaving a comment on Judith's blog, Merlin's Magickal Mistress, and couldn't do that either. 

So, if anyone has tried to sign up for the Give-away, and hasn't been able to do so, then write to me at and I'll add your name into the cauldron that way.

If this glitch doesn't get fixed with the next day, I'll extend the deadline so that everyone who wants to take part, can.

So be aware, Blogger. .I've got my eye on you!!!


  1. ooooo, scary,, blogger better not mess with you,,,,lol,,it certainly has been a trying week blog wise,, the computer gods have been angered somehow and have been playing with our posts,,I keep losing my followers list and not able to comment,,

  2. TELL me about it....
    Blogger hasn't been displaying any of my followers lately.

    What the heck has been going on with this service?

  3. Set 'em straight!!! Someone needs to send the Flying Monkeys after them! :0)


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