Monday, August 30, 2010

Doing The Halloween Happy Dance!!

Yes, I've been doing some Halloween shopping. .or I should say  some "more" Halloween shopping.  Each year I tell myself that I have enough, and then the fever goes away, and my rational thinking returns just in the nick of time.

No need for me to ever do drugs. .just put me in a room full of artful Halloween pieces, and my eyes dilate, my pulse quickens, and I'll suck the oxygen right out of the room within seconds!  I then do manage to calm down, and savor my tour, soaking in the atmosphere and thrilling in the detailed cleverness of each creation.  It is often so hard to decide what to buy, I have to make several return trips. .what a challenge. Sigh. (And I thank the stars that my Birthday falls conveniently between the time that Halloween art bursts into bloom, and Halloween. .they make such lovely birthday gifts!)

So yes, I do have several new reproduction pieces to share, but first, I have to share this one that came by mail today. . .

Now, even though you knew it was coming, and you paid for it yourself, when you opened the box, and saw this, wouldn't you think that it was a very special surprise gift?  That is how I felt when I opened the carton from Mandy! (Fiddlestix Studios

When you open a package and find something so beautifully, and carefully packaged, it makes you feel very, very special, and that is a gift in itself. Thank you, Mandy!!

Mandy recently put three of her dolls up for bid on ebay, and I was stunned and dazed to find that I had the winning bid on her delightful Vampire and his pet bat.  Photos just do not do him justice. .I carefully unwrapped his bubble wrapped cocoon that he was nestled in, under that delightful tissue paper and ribbon, and burst into laughter. .he is SUCH a charmer!! Even his little pet bat looks very pleased just to hang with him. .sorry for the pun. .no, I'm not! lol

I think that he was meant to come and live here, because every time I pass by, he makes me smile, and that is another gift.

Thank you SO much for making him Mandy! I'm going to treasure him for many, many years to come!

Wishing everyone as delightful an evening, as my day has been!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Look At What Is Now Available!!!

Slowly, but steadily, they have been creeping up onto the racks, rubbing shoulders with cook-out issues and other Summer hold-outs. .now,more and more oranges, blacks, purples & lime greens are predominating the covers. .these are some of the first ones that were available over a week ago, and have been gathering dust, waiting for me to start reading them.

And THEN, today, I made a late afternoon trip to the grocery store for a few things, had everything all checked out, and nearly ready to walk out the door, when my eyes, like little magnets latched onto THIS cover. .of all things, it was displayed in with the outdoor sports!  Was this some sort of joke, or is someone who arranges the issues, making a personal statement?

Whatever the reason, nothing stopped me from zooming over, picking up my very own copy, and buying it on the spot. .when the young cashier started roughly thumbing through it, I told her to not bend the cover! lol

Yes! You've guessed it!  It is this year's Halloween Martha!  Look at who she is dressed up as this year!!

I wanted to let you know, so that you can start looking for your own issue! Excuse me now, while I finally give myself a time out, and go start gently curving the pages, myself!!

Wishing you a great evening!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Give-Away!

The Sacred Oak is giving away a very special set of Runes, and I wanted to share the opportunity with you to win them.

Please click on The Sacred Oak, to read the details, and good luck!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Halloween Is Arriving At My House!

It may be hot and humid, but I'm thinking crisp breezes, falling leaves, and "orange & black"!

Helping me along are some recent Halloween treats that have come to my home to live.

My dear Hubs bought me another Witchy doll for my growing coven. She is such a happy one. You can't help but smile when you look at her!

And look at those eyelashes!!!  (Click on the images for a closer look!)

My next treat is one that I gave myself because. .well, I think that I deserve it! (it caught my eye and called to me. .he could not be ignored)  I bought Dennis Haynes' Voodoo Priest.  Photos truly do not do it justice though. The whole piece is so well made, and larger than what you think it is.

Thank you for making him, Dennis! He has found a good home!!

And, last but not least. .a little flashier than my other chapeaux, but I thought rather fetching. .I'm showing you the back. .another hat to add to my growing collection!  One can never have too many hats, can one?  They truly make the outfit!!

My new finds make me want to start bringing out more Halloween, but I can't. .at least not until we get back from another trip back to the Mayo Clinic. We feel like we have spent more time there in the past few months, than here at home. .and right now, we already have to go back twice in September.

I'm hoping that we will have the whole month of October to enjoy! Keep your fingers cross for us!

And in the meantime, I'm wishing you a delightful week!!