Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Ghostly Tree

I'm sorting through boxes, rearranging things, and came across a whole notebook full of negatives. These were from the days before I was developing my own slide film.

I was so excited to find the negative of a photo that I had lost a long time ago. (it was stolen, which I guess I should consider a compliment).

The night before, we had a hard driving rain, coming in off of the lake, and it was so cold, it froze the water on everything, but sideways! When I awoke and saw what had happened, I didn't want to do anything but go out and take some photos. .but I had to go to work. 

All morning long, I kept watching the thermometer, and hoping that it stayed overcast. And luck was with me! During my lunch, I slipped and slid back down to one of our beaches that is below where I lived, and I spent a long lunch taking photo after photo.

But this remains my favorite because of the mood that I felt when capturing it on film.  I was the only one stupid brave enough to venture down there, and while the wind had died down from the night before, there was still a breeze, which was whistling through the frozen branches, making it feel very lonely, very spooky. 

This ice clad tree made me think of a ghost ship's mast, with it's tattered sails still clinging to it, having risen from the water, driven by the storm. What do you think of when you look at it?

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Passing By Grannie's House

My Dad was an artist, favoring painting in oils, but he would venture off into other mediums from time to time just to feed his ever restless creative mind.

But two things remained consistent. He loved staying up late at night to create his art, and he always loved to cartoon.

Sometimes I would sit beside him, watching him rapidly sketch one after another on a pad of construction paper, typing paper. .it didn't matter. .he would even draw on the backs of greeting cards, and on envelopes.  Our phone book was always one of the most creative in town! :-)

So it wasn't unusual for me to find a cartoon waiting for me beside my cereal bowl in the morning.

Sadly, I don't have much of his artwork. For one reason or another, it is mostly gone. I have a small fraction of the cartoons that he did for me, and one oil painting. I also have an envelope of drawings that he did when he was in high school, back in the late 30's.

He loved Halloween, and I found this today, while sorting through some boxes.  The original is pencil, and now so faint, my scanner wouldn't pick up the lines.  The paper, while originally white is now a seasoned shade of French Vanilla.  Even taking a photo with my camera didn't make it much better, but with my software program, I was able to make the picture more visible. At least it is on my screen.  I hope that you can see it too.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Spirit Dropped In, & Some Spirits Were Enjoyed!

This gal doesn't have a drop of Italian or Scilian blood in her, but La Befana paid her a visit on the 6th of January!  These were left for me, delicately wrapped in deep green tissue paper and tied with an orange ribbon. I love them all!

This little cat is only inches high! She is adorable!!

And these are made out of stiffened paper, layered, then embellished with beads for hanging, bits of silvery garland and ribbons.

I believe that they are Bethany Lowe creations.

Thank you La Befana! You made my holiday complete!!

To be honest, these next spirits were also delightful, but we enjoyed them a few months ago! How time flies!! I'm just now getting around to sharing the photos with you! (Mrs. B's Halloween tour is family friendly, and I didn't know how she would feel about me flaunting our local alcoholic Halloween treats! lol)

Micro breweries, and especially boutique wineries have been popping up all over Michigan, and there are now enough to have actual winery trails throughout the state.  One of the oldest and longest runs along the shoreline of L. Michigan, from close to the Indiana border, on up through Traverse City. Most of them are just outside the village limits of the communities that dot the shoreline, just miles from each other. A perfect Springtime getaway, or a beautiful leisure Autumn tour. 

The long trip is broken down into mini tours for those who don't have the time to imbibe the whole route. Most of the wineries have their own tasting rooms, and many have restaurants with signature gourmet dishes. Yum!  And most of them have several festivals throughout the year, either on their own, or in conjunction with activities in the community, like the artist's galleries tour, or harvests festivals.

This pumpkin ale comes from a micro brewery, New Holland Brew, that is located in one of the larger towns, a little north of where I live.  I love the label!  (the ale isn't bad either! lol)  If you click on the link, they have an interesting recipe on their home page right now, that I think I might try!

And this wine is from a winery that is even further north, but in one of my favorite parts of the state.  I used to live a lot closer, but had to move back to my home area to take care of family members. I do love it up north though!

Leelanau Wine Cellars is one of the oldest wineries in the state.

Last year, I made some jelly out of a bottle of this wine, which is a Spiced Red. and serve it poured over cream cheese with crackers. Sooo good!

Last week, I saw where one of our local shops still had a few bottles of this wine left, and I'm thinking of going back to buy some more.  It is a nice way to savor Halloween on a cold winter's night!


Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Gourdqueen's Give Away!

The Gourdqueen  has reached her milestones of not only her 1st year Blogiversary, but her 100th post as well!  So she is generously giving away one of her adorable creations to celebrate!

Please either click on the link above, or the button on my sidebar to learn the details of how you can win. 

Good luck to everyone. .especially me! :-)