Sunday, October 24, 2010

'Tis The Hallowine Season!

I recently took my darling little bug to have it winterized (it spends the cold, slushy, icy days all snuggled inside it's garage bay), and since I have to drive an hour away, I make the most of my day by going to store that we don't have locally.

One of these is World Market, and as expected, I found a lot of seasonal wines available. I started to take some close up photos of all of the wonderful labels, but a clerk came by and told me that I couldn't take photos! When I asked why, she told me that those were "the rules". .I thought about trying to sneak some in anyway, but she must have read my intent, because she kept hanging around. .so, I've done the next best thing. .short of buying all of those bottles, that is!

I came home and googled them. I found a Blood Orange Mimosa, and Bogal Phantom wine.

And a Calavaras County River of Skulls.

This Dia De Los Merlot looked enticing!

And not to be outdone, even Ed Hardy has a wine label. .any excuse to use some more of his designs!

Evil looked rather, well, wicked. . .

And Spellbound was begging me to take some home.

Trick, and Treat are sold through World Market exclusively, and even on-line they were rather stingy in sharing the labels.

I was SO tempted to by a bottle of Zombie Zin and Vampire. .and I needed some ale for the soup that I'm making, but the Witch's Brew was a golden, and I need a dark ale.

In the end, I absolutely couldn't resist buying one bottle. .one that grabbed me, and wouldn't let go. It is a German wine, and I don't think that it was meant to be a seasonal Halloween wine, but the bottle sure fits, and will no doubt be keeping me company (after it is emptied) in my creative room!

Meet the 2007 Zeller Schwarze Katz!

It is rainy here today. .an excellent day to snuggle in with a good book and a nice glass of mellow wine. .but I'll be finishing up ripping up over a century of old layers of floor coverings instead.

I hope that you are doing something fun today!


  1. Wine goes with ripping up floor coverings! LOL

    Those are some great labels. Wouldn't it be fun to have a whole wall (like wallpaper) done with Halloween wine labels?

  2. wow, those are some neat wines and I may have to look for some for this weekend.


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