Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Some Surprises!

I love having a Fall Birthday, and this year, my family tapped into my love of Halloween, getting me some things to decorate our home.

I've been enjoying these for several weeks now, and am just now getting around to getting them posted.

One special treat is a Joe Spencer doll, Madam Pletskya! She is very "substantial" shall we say, and almost 2 feet tall. She carries herself with a touch of a haughty air, and has quite the regal bearing about her.

Her one soft spot seems to be an affinity towards cats, especially this one, who appears to have adopted the role of Madam's protector. I love the hair standing up on his back!!  (And my cats love Madam's feathered collar and cuffs). Madam will be finding her new home behind glass, safe from little paws.

Other treats were this plate, and a silvered candle holder. .the plate is ceramic and the votive candle holder is glass, with a "silvered" interior. .you can just make out the skull in the photo, but in person it looks SO awesome, especially in the dark!

I also got this cookie plate, and candle holder!  The candle holder has bats flying, all over it,and it too looks very cool in a darkened room.

The plates will be used to hold our special treats, and the candle holders will join these in a display.

These past few days have been super exciting, weather-wise.  We are still under a high wind warning, which started early yesterday morning.  We had an actual tornado warning which lasted for over 2 hours, and several twisters did touch down, but fortunately not near us.

However, the straight winds knocked down a beautiful Mountain Ash across the street from us, and knocked down a huge tree behind our garage, partially landing on our garage roof, and tearing out the adjoining neighbor's fence.  By the time this wind settles down, there won't be a leaf left on any tree, which will make Halloween night, extra spooky. .all of those gnarly branches reaching out for the unsuspecting. . . .

Sweet dreams, everyone!


  1. What lovely treats you received!

    So sorry to hear about the trees. Mother Nature has a wicked temper sometimes. At least everyone is safe!

  2. Love the lighting on your table. All your candles look very Halloweenish. Have a Happy Halloween.


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