Saturday, October 30, 2010

More Treats!

Every Fall, right before school starts, I go to the Taylor Country Florist, in Paw Paw to have a floral arrangement sent to my daughter's classroom, in a nearby town, for her open house.  Since she teaches art, I've been asking the designers at the florist to do a floral interpretation of an artist that I've picked out for that year.  I make a card myself, using one of the artist's painting for the front, and then include some postcards or flashcards of that artist's work to be included in the arrangement.  The fantastic and talented people at the florist tell me that they have a lot of fun with this project, and my daughter is always surprised, so everyone is happy!!

The personal perk for me is that they always have an ultra fantastic display of Halloween in place and ready for me to drool over, in September! This year, I bought a couple of Scott Smith pieces.

The lid comes off of the pumpkin so you can put a light inside, and of course, the lantern gives off a fantastic glow, too!  

And, I couldn't resist one of his Skelly ornies. .while he isn't creating for Bethany Lowe any longer, Bill told me that they are still in demand (no surprise there!), so they keep making them.

Because I knew that I wouldn't be doing much decorating this year, due to us having to leave right away, I resisted buying, as much as I could, but have a feeling that I failed, more than I was successful at keeping a tight rein on myself!

I have been wanting a larger tree for some time now, and finally found the one that I wanted.   In anticipation of getting it, and knowing that the ornies that I've purchased in past years wouldn't be enough, I HAD to pick up just a few more. . . . .

I can't believe that All Hallows Eve is upon us.  This entire month has flown by faster than this witch is flying (note her RED hair!!)

May your Jack-O-Lanterns smile brightly!!


  1. Wow, I just love all those decorations...some day I hope to decorate the inside of my house too. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Delightful Ornies. They will all look lovely on a tree.

    Happy Halloween!
    May the coming year bring happiness and harmony, good health and prosperity to your hearth.


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