Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Brain Freeze!!

Last week, I was given an award, and amazingly, it left me dumbstruck. .every thinking cell in my brain froze, which isn't good when you have blog posts to write, and e-mails to send out.  Ironically, it is an award for the comments that I make!  It stopped me in my tracks!

Will Bezek innocently, generously, and yes, Will, sweetly gave me this award, and is probably rethinking his decision about now, that I am making so much of this, but it is a good thing. .it made me think, so please bear with me.

My initial reaction, like anyone receiving a special gift, was one of stunned delight, but I then started to think about him giving me an award for something that comes so naturally to me. I'm not the one who is creating
" out of this universe" art. .he is! 

I'm simply responding, with what I'm feeling in my heart and mind, to what I am seeing before me.  And when you are presented with art of his acute imagination and execution, the words come forth, from where, I know not, but they do.

We all have gifts bestowed upon us before we are born. Talents to be discovered along our life path.  Will was blessed with an extraordinary artistic ability, that we get to enjoy because he is kind enough to share it with us, and I can't thank him enough.

I apparently was blessed by my ancestrial Celtic God, Oghma, who was the God of Communication.  His common name was Cermait, which loosely translated means " the honey-mouthed", referring to the gift of gab. (and not to be confused with blarney, thank you very much!).

My only challenge facing me now, when leaving comments on Will's blog, is the day that I run out of descriptive phrases. If I'm too redundant, soon my observations will ring hollow and untrue, even though I'm meaning what I say.

I thought of one alternative, to start leaving comments in vague foreign languages, but since I'm not even bi-lingual, that presents a whole new problem for me. And knowing Will's passion for research, would no doubt look up what I said. .or tried to say, and the result could cause untold problems!

So to stay on the safe side, I'm going to curtail any further comments here, to reserve any superlative words or phrases for future postings on his blog, to go against my inborn nature of my benefactor Celtic God, and say a nice, but heartfelt, simple "Thank you, you truly don't know what this means to me!"


  1. Ah, that is a perfect award for you from an equally "perfect" artist. I am constantly amazed by the absolute magic that you fantastic blog people create on a daily basis. I truly am stunned and inspired, your sharing your work means the world to me.

    So congrats my dear, and thank you for letting us into your world. I do love it so here. :)


  2. This is the perfect award for you Suzie! Congratulations to you!


  3. Congrats to you! A very well deserved award! :0)


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