Saturday, October 30, 2010

More Treats!

Every Fall, right before school starts, I go to the Taylor Country Florist, in Paw Paw to have a floral arrangement sent to my daughter's classroom, in a nearby town, for her open house.  Since she teaches art, I've been asking the designers at the florist to do a floral interpretation of an artist that I've picked out for that year.  I make a card myself, using one of the artist's painting for the front, and then include some postcards or flashcards of that artist's work to be included in the arrangement.  The fantastic and talented people at the florist tell me that they have a lot of fun with this project, and my daughter is always surprised, so everyone is happy!!

The personal perk for me is that they always have an ultra fantastic display of Halloween in place and ready for me to drool over, in September! This year, I bought a couple of Scott Smith pieces.

The lid comes off of the pumpkin so you can put a light inside, and of course, the lantern gives off a fantastic glow, too!  

And, I couldn't resist one of his Skelly ornies. .while he isn't creating for Bethany Lowe any longer, Bill told me that they are still in demand (no surprise there!), so they keep making them.

Because I knew that I wouldn't be doing much decorating this year, due to us having to leave right away, I resisted buying, as much as I could, but have a feeling that I failed, more than I was successful at keeping a tight rein on myself!

I have been wanting a larger tree for some time now, and finally found the one that I wanted.   In anticipation of getting it, and knowing that the ornies that I've purchased in past years wouldn't be enough, I HAD to pick up just a few more. . . . .

I can't believe that All Hallows Eve is upon us.  This entire month has flown by faster than this witch is flying (note her RED hair!!)

May your Jack-O-Lanterns smile brightly!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Some Surprises!

I love having a Fall Birthday, and this year, my family tapped into my love of Halloween, getting me some things to decorate our home.

I've been enjoying these for several weeks now, and am just now getting around to getting them posted.

One special treat is a Joe Spencer doll, Madam Pletskya! She is very "substantial" shall we say, and almost 2 feet tall. She carries herself with a touch of a haughty air, and has quite the regal bearing about her.

Her one soft spot seems to be an affinity towards cats, especially this one, who appears to have adopted the role of Madam's protector. I love the hair standing up on his back!!  (And my cats love Madam's feathered collar and cuffs). Madam will be finding her new home behind glass, safe from little paws.

Other treats were this plate, and a silvered candle holder. .the plate is ceramic and the votive candle holder is glass, with a "silvered" interior. .you can just make out the skull in the photo, but in person it looks SO awesome, especially in the dark!

I also got this cookie plate, and candle holder!  The candle holder has bats flying, all over it,and it too looks very cool in a darkened room.

The plates will be used to hold our special treats, and the candle holders will join these in a display.

These past few days have been super exciting, weather-wise.  We are still under a high wind warning, which started early yesterday morning.  We had an actual tornado warning which lasted for over 2 hours, and several twisters did touch down, but fortunately not near us.

However, the straight winds knocked down a beautiful Mountain Ash across the street from us, and knocked down a huge tree behind our garage, partially landing on our garage roof, and tearing out the adjoining neighbor's fence.  By the time this wind settles down, there won't be a leaf left on any tree, which will make Halloween night, extra spooky. .all of those gnarly branches reaching out for the unsuspecting. . . .

Sweet dreams, everyone!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

'Tis The Hallowine Season!

I recently took my darling little bug to have it winterized (it spends the cold, slushy, icy days all snuggled inside it's garage bay), and since I have to drive an hour away, I make the most of my day by going to store that we don't have locally.

One of these is World Market, and as expected, I found a lot of seasonal wines available. I started to take some close up photos of all of the wonderful labels, but a clerk came by and told me that I couldn't take photos! When I asked why, she told me that those were "the rules". .I thought about trying to sneak some in anyway, but she must have read my intent, because she kept hanging around. .so, I've done the next best thing. .short of buying all of those bottles, that is!

I came home and googled them. I found a Blood Orange Mimosa, and Bogal Phantom wine.

And a Calavaras County River of Skulls.

This Dia De Los Merlot looked enticing!

And not to be outdone, even Ed Hardy has a wine label. .any excuse to use some more of his designs!

Evil looked rather, well, wicked. . .

And Spellbound was begging me to take some home.

Trick, and Treat are sold through World Market exclusively, and even on-line they were rather stingy in sharing the labels.

I was SO tempted to by a bottle of Zombie Zin and Vampire. .and I needed some ale for the soup that I'm making, but the Witch's Brew was a golden, and I need a dark ale.

In the end, I absolutely couldn't resist buying one bottle. .one that grabbed me, and wouldn't let go. It is a German wine, and I don't think that it was meant to be a seasonal Halloween wine, but the bottle sure fits, and will no doubt be keeping me company (after it is emptied) in my creative room!

Meet the 2007 Zeller Schwarze Katz!

It is rainy here today. .an excellent day to snuggle in with a good book and a nice glass of mellow wine. .but I'll be finishing up ripping up over a century of old layers of floor coverings instead.

I hope that you are doing something fun today!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bee-Day Surprise From Creating The Hive!

A while back, I joined a very active group called Creating The Hive, where it seems that all creative interests are represented by some VERY creative people!

One such person, Joni Nickrent, started a Birthday Buzz, for Birthday people for that specific month, and my name was drawn for September! Lucky, lucky me!!!

Look at this tag that she tied onto the basket handle! That is going up on my board!

And these candles are supreme!! Not only are they rich, dark & earthy colors, but they have been grunged up with some delicious cinnamon spice scents.  I didn't get my black tin candle holders out yet this year, waiting until we get back, but I didn't want to wait any longer to show you my surprise!  They will be perfect together!

Thank you SO much Joni!!  And thanks to everyone for their wonderful Birthday Wishes! I truly appreciate your thoughtfulness!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

What Would YOU Do With This?

On one of our extended trips to Rochester, MN, this past summer, I stopped in at the local Pier One to pass some time, and found this!

Although it isn't "Halloween", possibilities immediately jumped into my mind!

It is made of thick green tinted glass, is VERY heavy, and hollow. The base of the neck is open, allowing you to put whatever inside. . .

One idea remains predominant in my mind, involving that mirror paint that I found, but we'll see. .I tried to find another one here at home, but they are a smaller version of the chain, and didn't carry them. .

So now. . .what would YOU do if you had this glass head sitting on your studio table?


Win A Halloween Faerie!

My friend, Jeanne, is having a Halloween Give-Away! 

She is sharing one of her darling Halloween Faeries with one of us! I truly hope that it flies to my home, but you too can have a chance to win.

Please click on her blog to find out how easy it is to sign up!

Wishing you good luck!


I had another post to share, but Blogger is insisting on loading my photo sideways, even though I keep reducing it in size. The resolution is now so terrible, I'm not sure that I want to share it anyway, even if I could get it to show up correctly.

Also, since Blogger changed their format for uploading photos, I'm only able to load one photo, no more. .it won't access my photo files after the first time.

I've written to Blogger, but of course, haven't gotten any response, and looked in their pages for an answer, but haven't found it yet. .what am I suddenly doing wrong?

Thank you for any help you can give me!

Wishing you a fantastic day!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Brain Freeze!!

Last week, I was given an award, and amazingly, it left me dumbstruck. .every thinking cell in my brain froze, which isn't good when you have blog posts to write, and e-mails to send out.  Ironically, it is an award for the comments that I make!  It stopped me in my tracks!

Will Bezek innocently, generously, and yes, Will, sweetly gave me this award, and is probably rethinking his decision about now, that I am making so much of this, but it is a good thing. .it made me think, so please bear with me.

My initial reaction, like anyone receiving a special gift, was one of stunned delight, but I then started to think about him giving me an award for something that comes so naturally to me. I'm not the one who is creating
" out of this universe" art. .he is! 

I'm simply responding, with what I'm feeling in my heart and mind, to what I am seeing before me.  And when you are presented with art of his acute imagination and execution, the words come forth, from where, I know not, but they do.

We all have gifts bestowed upon us before we are born. Talents to be discovered along our life path.  Will was blessed with an extraordinary artistic ability, that we get to enjoy because he is kind enough to share it with us, and I can't thank him enough.

I apparently was blessed by my ancestrial Celtic God, Oghma, who was the God of Communication.  His common name was Cermait, which loosely translated means " the honey-mouthed", referring to the gift of gab. (and not to be confused with blarney, thank you very much!).

My only challenge facing me now, when leaving comments on Will's blog, is the day that I run out of descriptive phrases. If I'm too redundant, soon my observations will ring hollow and untrue, even though I'm meaning what I say.

I thought of one alternative, to start leaving comments in vague foreign languages, but since I'm not even bi-lingual, that presents a whole new problem for me. And knowing Will's passion for research, would no doubt look up what I said. .or tried to say, and the result could cause untold problems!

So to stay on the safe side, I'm going to curtail any further comments here, to reserve any superlative words or phrases for future postings on his blog, to go against my inborn nature of my benefactor Celtic God, and say a nice, but heartfelt, simple "Thank you, you truly don't know what this means to me!"

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Win Your Own Necklace!

Last year, I received this precious little gem of a necklace from Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor:

And now you have the chance to win this one, for your very own collection!

Please click on her Gypsy Mare Studio Blog to be taken to her page,where you will learn the simple directions.

You won't believe how perfect the tiny details are, until you see it is person!

Good luck!