Friday, September 24, 2010

I've Found My Dream Bed!

Do any of you get the Victorian Trading Company catalog?  I always find so many wonderful things that I would love to have, but I think that they may have outdone themselves this time.

Look at what I found on page 33 of their current catalog, with a large Halloween section, as well as some of their regular offerings, and a peek at the Christmas season.

Oh, how I'd love to have it!  I eagerly showed it to Hubs, who drew out this long breath of hesitation. .He admittedly acknowledges that he has zero creative vision, which is why he leaves it all up to me, but I get the feeling that he thinks that I've gone over the edge on this one. .I don't think so!!

Sweet dreams, everyone, including those who will have Halloween & Vine visions dancing in their heads tonight! 


  1. It's beautiful!! I would love a bed like that.

  2. I absolutely adore Victorian Trading Company and am so addicted to it all year long! Their autumn catalog is always the most exciting. The prices have gotten rather exuberant in recent months, but oh, the eye candy! This is an amazing bed, so Gothic.

  3. That is beautiful but I'd look at it seeing all the areas that would need dusting--lol!


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