Sunday, August 29, 2010

Look At What Is Now Available!!!

Slowly, but steadily, they have been creeping up onto the racks, rubbing shoulders with cook-out issues and other Summer hold-outs. .now,more and more oranges, blacks, purples & lime greens are predominating the covers. .these are some of the first ones that were available over a week ago, and have been gathering dust, waiting for me to start reading them.

And THEN, today, I made a late afternoon trip to the grocery store for a few things, had everything all checked out, and nearly ready to walk out the door, when my eyes, like little magnets latched onto THIS cover. .of all things, it was displayed in with the outdoor sports!  Was this some sort of joke, or is someone who arranges the issues, making a personal statement?

Whatever the reason, nothing stopped me from zooming over, picking up my very own copy, and buying it on the spot. .when the young cashier started roughly thumbing through it, I told her to not bend the cover! lol

Yes! You've guessed it!  It is this year's Halloween Martha!  Look at who she is dressed up as this year!!

I wanted to let you know, so that you can start looking for your own issue! Excuse me now, while I finally give myself a time out, and go start gently curving the pages, myself!!

Wishing you a great evening!


  1. I picked up the BHG magazine. It had some neat ideas. But when I flipped through Martha's magazine, I discovered it was simply a compilation of past years. I had been hoping for something new :/

  2. So looking forward to her magazine!! Gotta go....I think the store across the street is open :D


  3. I was disappointed to find that Martha's usually engrossing Halloween issue is just a stripped-down overview of past years. She's so creative, why waste an issue? There was one issue, years ago, with a photo spread of a Halloween party so cool I kept coming back to it, utterly fascinated, year after year. Wish I could remember which one it was exactly...


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