Monday, August 30, 2010

Doing The Halloween Happy Dance!!

Yes, I've been doing some Halloween shopping. .or I should say  some "more" Halloween shopping.  Each year I tell myself that I have enough, and then the fever goes away, and my rational thinking returns just in the nick of time.

No need for me to ever do drugs. .just put me in a room full of artful Halloween pieces, and my eyes dilate, my pulse quickens, and I'll suck the oxygen right out of the room within seconds!  I then do manage to calm down, and savor my tour, soaking in the atmosphere and thrilling in the detailed cleverness of each creation.  It is often so hard to decide what to buy, I have to make several return trips. .what a challenge. Sigh. (And I thank the stars that my Birthday falls conveniently between the time that Halloween art bursts into bloom, and Halloween. .they make such lovely birthday gifts!)

So yes, I do have several new reproduction pieces to share, but first, I have to share this one that came by mail today. . .

Now, even though you knew it was coming, and you paid for it yourself, when you opened the box, and saw this, wouldn't you think that it was a very special surprise gift?  That is how I felt when I opened the carton from Mandy! (Fiddlestix Studios

When you open a package and find something so beautifully, and carefully packaged, it makes you feel very, very special, and that is a gift in itself. Thank you, Mandy!!

Mandy recently put three of her dolls up for bid on ebay, and I was stunned and dazed to find that I had the winning bid on her delightful Vampire and his pet bat.  Photos just do not do him justice. .I carefully unwrapped his bubble wrapped cocoon that he was nestled in, under that delightful tissue paper and ribbon, and burst into laughter. .he is SUCH a charmer!! Even his little pet bat looks very pleased just to hang with him. .sorry for the pun. .no, I'm not! lol

I think that he was meant to come and live here, because every time I pass by, he makes me smile, and that is another gift.

Thank you SO much for making him Mandy! I'm going to treasure him for many, many years to come!

Wishing everyone as delightful an evening, as my day has been!


  1. I love Halloween as much as you do and always look forwards to reading your posts. I love your new Halloween addition. Do you leave your Halloween out all year round?

  2. He is just lovely. What a great gift. I have been getting spiders lately.....he looks much less menacing :)


  3. He is a charmer Suzie! I do think that he is going to love his new home.


  4. Suzie,you are SO,SO welcome~thank YOU! I am completely thrilled that The Count will be living with you,it was absolutely meant to be!He looks wonderful displayed in your home.Your blog is fabulous!
    Hugs :-),

  5. How adorable! The packaging it came in is such a nice touch. I love it when sellers make me feel like a dear friend in the care they put into their packages.


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