Saturday, May 1, 2010

MAYniacal MAYhem!

I know of more than one person who would describe me as obsessively confused, especially when other people are rising to greet the dawn, weaving flowers through their hair, and preparing to dance around the Maypole, and light their Beltaine fires this evening! And I’m thinking “HALLOWEEN!!!”

While I applaud their celebrations, and completely agree with the attunement of the rhythms of Mother Earth, to me, this is the halfway point towards my most favorite time of the year! A good time to celebrate, and start planning those decorations, costumes, treats, and yes, Gifts!!

However, I can’t go on without a moment or two of mentioning something so devastating to me, that I wondered if I could find any frivolity right now. I find it rather ironic, and absolutely wrenchingly heartbreaking that on this day, thousands of wildlife are having their lives threatened, and their habit is going to be ruined forever, no matter how good the cleanup is.

When I was a child in the 50’s, a commercial airliner when down off shore in Lake Michigan, and for years after, you could not go into the water, walk along the shore, or even dig in the sand without getting gooey, sticky oily tar stuck to your skin and clothing. And even now, if you were to dig down into the sand, turn over a rock, or even find fresh driftwood on the beach, you would find layers or blobs of hardened black tar. It simply never goes away.

And this oil spill in the Gulf is of a magnitude far beyond what I personally experienced. Like I said, my heart is breaking for our fellow living creatures, and those precious habitats.

I know that money is slim for a lot of us, but if you can see your way clear to donate even a couple of dollars towards cleaning a bird, every little bit helps. And if you are in the area, and can help directly with cleaning, or whatever needs to be done, that would be even better! There are a number of organizations that have already set up funds to help our furry, feathered, scaled and finned friends. One is the Animal Rescue One Click that is my first stop every morning. And if that is too much of a burden on your purse strings, then prayers, and good energy is always plentiful, welcome, and easy to give. I firmly believe that we are all connected, and what affects one, affects us all.

I’m so upset and feeling so helpless about this catastrophe, that I almost decided to not go ahead with my plans for my Midyear Happy Halloween Blog Crawl, but decided that I need to seek out something pleasurable, to balance the sadness that I’m feeling.

And so, each day during the month of May, I am going to attempt to find a blog that is either dedicated to Halloween year around, or is also celebrating this midyear mark! It may be lighthearted and fun, artsy, or spooky. Some may be ones that I already visit, but I’m hoping to find some new delights as well!

I’m searching on both of my blogs, so each one will be different. If you would like to decorate your blog, and post something Halloween related or a give-away, please let me know so that I can give you the proper acknowledgement, and send Trick Or Treaters your way!

Please join me in my Prowl through Blogland, in search of Halloween!

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  1. It truly breaks my heart to think of what those animals must be going through.


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