Tuesday, May 4, 2010

MAYniacal MAYhem! The Midyear Happy Halloween Blog Crawl/Day 4

I love creative art dolls, but mostly for appreciating the work, and the interpretation that goes into them. I love studing the details. .to me, the more detail work, the better the doll. It is what sets it apart, and gives it personality.

I discovered some new work to me, at Darkrose Manor.  She not only showcases other artist's work, but has some pretty enchanting dolls of her own at Filialuna Designs. These are two different blogs, with her creative work showcased on each one.

Please go check out her Twisted Poppets!  Then go over to my other blog to see what awaits you there!


  1. I love her dolls. They are definately on my want list! Thanks for sharing.


  2. I am having fun reading both of your blogs. I so love Halloween so much and always read your blog but don't always leave a post. I will have to check out the links you have been posting.


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