Saturday, May 29, 2010

Day 29 ~ Midyear Happy Halloween Blog Crawl

The two blogs today have a theme going between them. Not decorating for Halloween, but surrounding yourself with the unique and a bit of the dark, year around. Think of living in the Addams family home. Only with neater "stuff"!

Amazingly, but understandably, my favored Victorian period has strong influences in the gothic look. It is a common mistake to think that Victorian meant lots of pastel roses layered upon layer with white lace. Victorian homes were dark, rich with deep reds, greens, golds and blues. They did believe in layers. .layer upon layers of textiles. Ornate and detailed wallpapers. And heavy draperies layered over lace panels, over shades or shutters.  And remember, lighting was poor. Either gas lamps on the walls, or kerosene table lamps.

And it is also very reasonable that the popular (and I think delightful and innovative) steampunk look figures into this too.  The Victorian period was one of evolution, of new inventions, of mechanization, combining the rich old world decor with newer innovations, but still made with quality materials.

And so this portion of our crawl brings us to The Steampunk Home.  Take a leisurely stroll through the photos. I love that kitchen with the custom stove!

Continue to scroll down and you'll see new pieces that have intricate designs, and movie sets with the clutter and layer upon layer of memorabilia that Victorians favored.  It wasn't uncommon to see Asian influences in their home either. They looked at other obvious cultural designs as signs of worldliness and well travelled, so sometimes their decor was more of a hodge podge of styles with the overall theme being lots of details. The more, the better.

You will also see comparisons of a modern home and what dark colors can bring to a room, over white or pastels.

I love the office too, although it brings more of an Arts & Crafts flavor into the mix.  And the media room also favors that period. .I do love the heavy use of dark wood during that time.

When you have savored and noted details that you must try in your own home, meander over to my other blog for more decorating delights!

I do hope that you are having a fantastic holiday weekend!! (I myself am going to a huge antique market tomorrow, but I doubt that I'll find any of the cool stuff pictured here. .but I'm going to try!)

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  1. This is a neat series. I love steampunk and never thought of doing it in the home... hmm... I see some projects coming soon!


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