Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Day 18, Happy Halloween Blog Crawl

Personally, I don't care for gore in association with Halloween. I know that the chainsaw genre is very popular, but I prefer my Halloween to be vintage spooky.

But there is always room for one exception, right?  Since I was a little girl, I always got the thrill of the chill whenever I read the story of the Legend of Sleepy Hollow.  I still don't quite understand the allure for me, especially since I was always very impressionable, and was frightened out of my shoes more than once by relatively benign scariness.  But it's true.

And it still remains one of my favorite spooky stories.  So I was thrilled beyond words to find the artwork of Jennifer Macneill Traylor.  I love all of her work. .her horses are to die for.  And her Headless Horseman? Totally awesome! What a talent this woman has!  Please go check out The Night Mare! You won't be sorry!!

AND, I was the lucky recipient in a drawing for of one of her darling hand painted pendants.  I'm SO anxious to wear it! 

Plus, as if that weren't enough, she sent me three of her gorgeous postcards! (I'll post a photo of them later ) I'm being selfish. .those aren't going out to anyone, but staying here with me where I can continue to enjoy her artwork! 

Many, many thanks Jennifer!!

Please check out my other blog for another artist who delights her collectors with Halloween suprises!

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