Sunday, March 7, 2010

Think Fall! Think Halloween! Think Ghoultide!

I know, I know, everyone that I talk to is thinking Spring. Everyone is sick of the snow, and wants to see green things growing.

Truth be known, and I'll probably lose some people here, but I'm always sorry to see Winter go.  Oh, once warmer weather is here, I get out to mingle among my plants, and love to see the blooms, but my mind immediately jumps right into Autumn.

It could be that I'm not a "pastel person", and for some reason, Springtime is represented by the sickly sweetness of pales. This has to be a relatively new association, because the grand Victorians depicted their rabbits on their papier mache eggs, wearing primary colors. Now those, I could live with. In fact, I do!

But I know that I'm in the minority, and I almost silently (dear hubs probably has my litany memorized by now) endure bombardments of pastel laden merchandise every time I step into a store.

So I was overjoyed to discover that Scott Smith of Rucus Studio, and organizer of Ghoultide has posted a video on You Tube of last year's event.

Sit back, or lean forward for an even better view, and let the best of Halloween absorb into your mind.  What delectible eye candy!! (and please turn off the music below so you can enjoy Scott's music with the video!)

We couldn't make it last year, due to appointments conflicting, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this year, on October 2nd, it will work out so that we can go!

I get excited just thinking about the possibilities!

Wishing everyone a super week!


  1. You're funny--we're a lot alike. I like the "dead" time of the year myself. I admit here in the SW, it gets right into the 70s in February and I get one month of spring fever where I feel invincible, then as soon as heat arrives, I take to the inside, turn on scary movies, darken the house, and dream of Halloween again. My friends laugh because by June--that's all I do is Halloween, Halloween, Halloween. I'm with ya!

  2. Oh Suzie I sure hope that things work out for you that you are able to go this year! Thank you so much for sharing the video! I do love autumn colors and the temperatures too. But it has been a very long cold, wet winter and I am truly ready for Spring. I am ready to be warm again.



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