Friday, March 12, 2010

My New Skelly!

I love buying things from crafty artists. Not only do I get something very original and well made, but it is often wrapped in, or something special is included that I can make good use of, or enjoy too.

Case in point, I just bought something from MarZel, over at The Play Of Light And Shadow, and she not only sent it in a very well wrapped, secure package, but the inner wrapping looked like this!

What wonderful fabric!! That is a definite saver! And the little rubber cutouts are so cute too. .Those are going in my Halloween embellishment drawer, along with the Autumn leaf, for sure!

And my purchase? Something that I thought would be perfect for my Skeleton Pirate Crew that I set up each Halloween.  Dept 56 has come out with another skelly with a fedora, so I've got to get that to add to the tableau. .and this piece?  She is so spooky with a touch of vamp in her, she is going to have those skelly guys shaking in their bones.

Thanks for offering her for sale, MarZel! She is perfect, and I love her! I may just have to set up my Pirate cove this Spring instead!


  1. I agree, I just love the items and the special wrapping is a gift in itself! Nice piece!


  2. That is just so cool! Awesome find Suzie and the wrapping is wonderful!


  3. Suzie you have been tagged. Oh I am looking forward to seeing what it will be. I bet you have thousands!



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