Sunday, February 14, 2010

Looking Glass Paint Update

Remember those few drips that I mentioned this morning? A few minutes ago, I was looking at them, then reached inside the globe and easily flicked them off of the glass with my finger!  Now I'm left with tiny clear spots, but that will easily be remedied tomorrow when I venture down into the dungeon again, spray can in hand.

So. .the good thing is that is is easily repairable if there is something you don't like, and the bad thing is, that it isn't super durable, so be careful not to scrape it unless you want to do some re-spraying.

Lastly, I erroneously steered you in the wrong direction to buying some paint on line. I didn't get it from Dick Blick. They don't carry it at this time. I bought it from Mister Art. I buy from both of them, and obviously got them confused.  I didn't want anyone to be frustrated because they couldn't find it!

Wishing everyone a beautiful evening!


  1. You're so sweet to update. Yeah, I've done some painting on glass before and it can be scraped off which I appreciate sometimes and other times can be frustrating. If it's inside of a vase or globe, it'd probably never be a problem.

  2. This is so cool! I can't wait to try it. Thanks for sharing all of the pictures and tips. You are the bestest!



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