Sunday, January 24, 2010

Passing By Grannie's House

My Dad was an artist, favoring painting in oils, but he would venture off into other mediums from time to time just to feed his ever restless creative mind.

But two things remained consistent. He loved staying up late at night to create his art, and he always loved to cartoon.

Sometimes I would sit beside him, watching him rapidly sketch one after another on a pad of construction paper, typing paper. .it didn't matter. .he would even draw on the backs of greeting cards, and on envelopes.  Our phone book was always one of the most creative in town! :-)

So it wasn't unusual for me to find a cartoon waiting for me beside my cereal bowl in the morning.

Sadly, I don't have much of his artwork. For one reason or another, it is mostly gone. I have a small fraction of the cartoons that he did for me, and one oil painting. I also have an envelope of drawings that he did when he was in high school, back in the late 30's.

He loved Halloween, and I found this today, while sorting through some boxes.  The original is pencil, and now so faint, my scanner wouldn't pick up the lines.  The paper, while originally white is now a seasoned shade of French Vanilla.  Even taking a photo with my camera didn't make it much better, but with my software program, I was able to make the picture more visible. At least it is on my screen.  I hope that you can see it too.


  1. What a wonderful memory of your dad. It's good that you have at least a few pieces of his work.

  2. Just found your blog by wandering through others that I follow. Love your header and your work. Halloween truly is a state of mine and what a pleasant one it is. Sea Witch

  3. STJ was here! We finally made it to check out your linking badge this month. Door Prize Winners announced on blog soon (from the 13th update). Hope you win!

  4. How wonderful! :0)
    I know you must cherish the pieces of his work that you have. He was talented and must've had a great sense of humor!
    Thank you for sharing!

  5. This is great! How wonderful to find these treasures hidden away. It must be so special to have these small pieces of your Dad's work!


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