Sunday, November 8, 2009

Hello, Again! Welcome!!!

It is SO nice that you have stopped by!

For some reason this year, I just couldn't let go of the Halloween Magic that is still swirling around here.  I tried. I honestly did, but it captured me, and wouldn't let me go.  My only option was to succumb to it.

I couldn't really keep my decorations out any long, nor is it the right time for me to have a year around Halloween room. We have too much to do on the house, to have fragile things sitting out, that plaster dust can find behind closed doors and in the tiniest nooks and crannies.

BUT, there wasn't any reason in the world why I couldn't have another room added on to my blog!  So this is what this is.  My Blogland Year Around Halloween Hangout!   I'm not going to transfer all of my previous Halloween posts over to here, but occasionally, if it is relevant, a photo or two that has been previously used, may mysteriously show up here, but I'll try to keep this as fresh as possible.

Some things may overlap, especially when Halloween rolls around again, but there is more than enough Halloween for two blogs!  Just look at the ones that I follow, if you don't believe me!

To start it off, my Sorceress Kitty (I know that the artist refers to the cat as a "he", but my Mysti looks so much like this one, that my statue is a "she") decided to follow me over her, tonight, to show you her other side.  Again, like my Mysti!  Once the sun dips into the lake again, and darkness creeps up from behind us, her magic come full force!  The only thing missing, is the smoke rising from the incense in her cauldron.

When the candle is lit behind her, her eyes glow a bright, deep red. Try as I might, I could not get the camera to see what I was seeing, but you'll get the general idea.  Don't mess with this kitty after the sun goes down!  This one was a combination of the candle, and a lamp that is down at the other end of the table.

And this one was with all of the lights off. Her eyes seem distorted because the glow is SO powerful!

Do NOT look directly into the eyes of the Cat Sorceress!!  You will be at her beck and call for the rest of her life.  Ask me how I know this to be true!

Earlier today, we had unseasonably warm weather. Right now, even with the sun down, it is 63 degrees! I'm concerned about some of my shrubs starting to bud out too soon.  But it was an excellent day to get some more work done in the garden.

If you will remember, last week, I did some after Halloween shopping, and brought home a delightful Witch named Orma, and showed you a photo of her on my other blog.  What I didn't show you, because it got left at the shop, was the chair that I bought for her.  It is made of grapevines, over sturdy wire, and painted black.

It is accented with some artificial leaves, some black sparkles here and there, and embellished with a nice plump spider!

When I went back to pick up the chair, the ever so helpful ladies who work there, showed me a little settee that goes with the chair, also greatly reduced in price.  Knowing that my other little witch dolls were going to be green with envy when they saw Orma's chair, I thought that I had better get the extra seating.

Having groceries and other bags to bring in, I left the chairs in the car. Today, when I went outside, I thought that I would get them out to take some photos, before bringing them inside.  Unfortunately, as I found out, their delightful structures got lost in the foliage of the surrounding bushes. And it was about that time, that I got distracted by some neighbor kids, and had to go up to the front of the garden.

On my way back, I heard more giggling and laughing, and thought, "Oh NO! The kids in back are inside the gate again, getting into my plants!". But then I realized that the laughing sounded more magical, more lilting, more musical. And lo and behold, what did I find!?

There they were.  All four of them, enjoying the sunshine,  and the fresh breezes that kept billowing their veils, hat scarves, and shawls, and tousling the feathers tucked into their brims. All getting reacquainted, and chatting with Orma like they've known her through the ages. Perhaps they have.

I went back to my gardening, letting them enjoy the day.  So I couldn't help but overhear their comments about the lack of a table, and the necessary appointments for a proper tea. Sigh.  Well, I have almost a whole year of antique and flea market hunting. Wish me luck.

Wishing that you find magic in your garden, too!