Monday, December 14, 2009

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells. . . . . .

Nope, not the wrong blog. I'm just trying to get myself in to the spirit of the holiday this year, and it isn't working. I can't figure out why, either. I usually thoroughly enjoy all of the activities. The decorating, the baking, gift making and wrapping, and yes, even the gift shopping, which I usually have done weeks or even months ahead. I normally shop all year around, favoring antique markets and boutiques.

I know why that didn't happen, and it was for multiple reasons that I won't bore anyone with, but the other mystical element that happened this year, is that I seem to be stuck in Halloween mode.  I thought that it would wear off, but it hasn't.

When I go to sleep at night, I don't have visions of sugarplums dancing in my head, but of things that go bump in the night!  Not horribly scary creatures that can make you break out in a sweat, but fanciful ones to make you smile. I dream about them, and how I create them, so now I can hardly wait for the peaceful time following all of the Fa-La-La's to have some time to try and bring my dreams to life.  I may fail miserably at it, but I hope to have some fun along the way!

In the meantime, post Halloween, I found some great deals for next year's celebration!  I found some stands of lights for outside, for $1.00 a piece, but with my coupon, it took them down to less than .50 cents a strand! I bought multiples of both styles! Love it!!

I also bought a couple of vintage repro cats on sale, which will be perfect for the middle of my spandrel, and a couple of sparkly trees.

These, I wouldn't have purchased if they hadn't been drastically reduced, because one could easily make their own. 

Buy some faded bottle brush trees, spray paint them orange, dab some glue and glitter on the ends of the branches, and glue in some black painted styro or plastic balls.

The other is a styro cone base, that has alternating black and orange garland wound around and glued. Pretty simple to make yourself!

And I even got the clock on sale. It will be perfect hanging in my kitchen above my sink!

I even found the perfect little table to go with that little set of chairs that my Witches claimed last Fall, but I haven't gotten it yet.  It is in a Christmas shop, and I'm waiting, and keeping my fingers crossed that no one buys it, and that it gets marked down after the first of the year.

THEN, my darling friend Pam, sends me a mystery box. Very light weight, standard flat priority box. .what could it be?  When I pulled out the item, it exploded!  Not with a loud bang , but with a big *Poof* !

Here is what she sent, along with a set of rules.

As members in good standing of the Black Hat Society, she thought that it proper that we have the appropriate headwear and bought us each a black, pointy hat. .a very FEATHERY black pointy hat. (I've had to hide it from my cats who think that Auntie Pam sent them a toy to play with!)  We are to send each other "things" to embellish it, and we HAVE to use whatever is sent to us, on the hat.  She is planning on wearing hers when we take a trip to Salem some day, so I have to make hers look VERY fetching! She wants me to wear mine too. .I can only hope that she will be as thoughtful in her choices for me! lol  My hubby thought that we should have to embelllish our own with the same things too.  He came up with THAT brilliant suggestion when he saw me eyeing a particularly gruesome spider that I thought would be perfect for HER hat!  I honestly don't know what prompted him to come up with that idea. *sigh*

The first thing I'm going to have to do though, is figure out a way of making the crown opening smaller. The only thing keeping it from falling completely down to my shoulders, are my glasses!  Maybe I should just cut some holes in the crown and wear it that way. That would be unique!

We have agreed to take photos of our progress, for glamour, or hiliarity, and share them on our joint blog, Spell Bynders. I'll also post mine here. 

By way of explanation, we set up Spell Bynders to showcase the Halloween art that we started formulating in our minds last winter, but life had a way of taking both of us actively in other directions for the time. But all the while we have still been conjouring up creative ideas. Now we "just" have to put them into form.

And lastly for now, I see the announcement of the Halloween Convention to be held this Spring! (the active button is on my sidebar)  I forward the notice on to Pam, and she writes back, "Let's go!" It is close to where she lives, so now, dependent upon medical appointments on my end, we are making tenative plans to attend. I'll make sure and take my camera! 

Is anyone else planning on going? Has anyone been to it before?  It looks like a lot of fun! And Spookytime Jingles art is featured this year! Now how cool is that??!!

So now see why I can't shake off my Halloween mood this year?  And I don't want to, either.  I've comfortably reconciled myself to the fact that while I'm hanging the green garland, festooned with red berries, I'm thinking in terms of black and orange!

And after all, it was during the Yuletide season, that 4 ghosts appeared, counting poor Marley, and in terms of spooky, you can't beat that!

May your Holiday Season be filled with love and laughter, and just a few mysterious delights, too!


  1. I know how you feel, my living room might say "Christmas" with the tree and all...but my studio is very Halloween right now!

  2. Ah, it is Halloween 365 days a year at my I kbow how you feel. :) Love your hat, what a grand idea!!!

    Have fun at the convention...unfortunately another Halloween convention Hauntcon is that same weekend in Florida....since I have not figured out how to be two places at one time....I am going to miss it :( Let us know how it goes.


  3. Yes--it's Halloween every day for me. After much complaining and grumbling from hubby, I redid our house from a very dark castle medieval look to a bright Ikea/garden feel, but there are dark Celtic statues, Greenman, and other little reminders that it's Halloween every day for me too!

    As my holiday gift to blogs I follow, I'm writing a comment to each of them telling them what I love about their blog. Since I follow over 90 blogs, I'm starting now.

    First, I love the layout of your blog--gorgeous and I feel like I'm sneaking into a Halloween shop year-round. Thank you so much for being a place that keeps Halloween open 24/7 year round! Yahoo! I love your honestly and the way you describe things. You're very real and genuine and your love of Halloween makes me feel like I've come home. Keep it up!

  4. Your hat is terrific! I hope you have a wonderful time at the convention. It should be fun.


  5. You mean there are other Holidays besides Halloween????

    And such wonderful finds. You lucky girl! :0)

  6. I completely understand the visions of pumpkins in your head!

    Great sale items you found, and that hat is wonderful! You will have so much fun hunting down items for everyone's hats!

    Now I'm wishing that PA wasn't so far away - I'd be heading to that convention too!

  7. I absolutely LOVE Halloween and your blog is adorable!!!


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